Are vinyl record cleaners too expensive for you? Chisto presents a cheaper solution for easy LP cleaning

Why invest several hundred dollars into a record cleaning machine, if you can get the same (if not better) results by purchasing our Easy Groove set?

Let’s look at the reasons why we believe buying a vinyl record cleaning kit from Chisto is more cost-efficient than acquiring a vinyl record cleaner.

Vinyl record cleaner vs Chisto’s Easy Groove superset

Round 1: Price

The first problem you’ll run into when attempting to purchase a vinyl record cleaner is their prices. Sure, the cheapest cleaners you’ll find cost about 50 USD, but we’ve seen some that sell for 500 USD (to be honest, no idea what exactly justifies that price). Most times you really don’t know what you’re buying, as various vinyl LP cleaners have their own particular ways of using them. Now, we certainly don’t deny the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaners, but to us it seems to be somewhat of “last resort” type of purchase; with proper care and preservation measures (all of which are found on our website), buying such a thing is just unnecessary. To sum up, cheaper vinyl record cleaners are mostly ineffective and have the same problems as washing an LP in a dishwasher and ultrasonic cleaners, while effective, are pricey and are a bit redundant if records are treated with proper care. Also, these things are somewhat clunky and can be difficult to store if you don’t have a ton of free space.

Chisto products, while not the cheapest, have got a stamp of approval from audiophiles and tech experts from all over the world. This results in a balance between adequate price and effectiveness, plus they are easy to store and to use.

Round 2: Cleaning method and effectiveness

This time we’ll start with our product. All of the items in the Easy Groove set have different properties and a certain set of chemicals designed for different purposes, but the method of applying them is essentially the same: spray on the record, wipe with the cloth. Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? As far as effectiveness, all of the ways of applying the set are listed on the website, and as you’ll see, it covers pretty much every measure you can take to make sure you collection is always in the finest condition possible, with the added bonus of special anti-bacterial features that disinfect your records as well as provide a nice scent. Again, constant tests and experiments are conducted to further improve the performance of Easy Groove solutions, so efficacy is guaranteed.

A lot of times the main issue that you’ll encounter with any vinyl record cleaner is its design, which is anything but intuitive. It’s honestly hard for someone new to wrap their head around how to use it properly (and more often than not, it takes a lot more time to set up a vinyl record cleaner than, say, use a liquid spray). As far as effectiveness goes, we’ve already touched on it in the price comparison: cheaper record cleaners aren’t much more effective than brushing (so you’ll have to use quite often if you want your records to be clean), and effective LP cleaners (i.e. ultrasonic) are infinitely better that their cheaper non-ultrasonic counterparts, but it takes far more time to clean a single disk, let alone the whole collection.

Round 3: Long-term efficacy and preservation

This final comparison is where our Easy Groove line truly shines. All of the products in the Superset were designed for their specific missions (surface cleaning, deep cleaning, static removal etc.). All of them combined give you the ultimate treatment for dirty record cleaning, where your records will be absolutely clean, unharmed, disinfected and static-free; therefore, you won’t need to use them again for a while, which makes them last pretty long.

As far as vinyl record cleaners are concerned, we sadly haven’t found any that give you the same kind of long-term efficacy. Even an ultrasonic machine, while excellent at deep cleaning, does not provide the same effects. The same can be said about their safety: since you’ll have to clean with them quite frequently, there’s a decent possibility of harming the record, which is the last thing you want.

All in all, we feel that our Easy Groove line is currently the best record cleaning kit on the market, due to its balance of adequate pricing and long-term efficacy. The items in the Superset were designed with an aim of not just cleaning, but preserving your record collection: vinyl is a pretty delicate material, and with improper cleaning measures a disk can be easily ruined. We made sure that our vinyl cleaning liquid set is 100% safe and excels in all areas to guarantee easy LP cleaning, this way you have a guarantee of getting your money’s worth.

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