T.H.E Show 2022 Long Beach Is This Weekend!

For decades, T.H.E. Show has been the even to attend for music lovers, audiophiles, and hi-fi enthusiasts alike. When first launched, T.H.E. Show was primarily a Las Vegas event an alternative to a non-industry operated CES. Featuring finely-crafted luxury audio products, T.H.E. Show from June 10th through 12th is an upscale event for those who truly value music within their homes and on the go too.

Press Release: The Association Of International Audiophile Publications

EnjoyTheMusic.com, high-end audio’s celebrated site for over 26 years and a leader in providing premium audio and music industry news, hardware reviews, and show reports, is pleased to announce that we’re a Founding Member of the Association Of International Audiophile Publications (AIAP). The AIAP is a voluntary professional organization composed of high-end audio and video publishers from around the world. Framed in 2021, and officially launched in 2022, the AIAP has established an agreed ethical and professional set of principles to which all signatories have committed themselves. The AIAP is composed initially of ten audiophile publications from around the world, all dedicated to a set of ethical and professional standards. These have been organized as a Statement of Principles, which the founding member publications have all agree to adhere to as guidelines for ethical and professional operations at their publications.

The Absolute Sound’s May / June 2022 Issue

The Absolute Sound‘s May / June 2022 issue features the following:

Editorial: One in Ten Million: Robert Harley reflects…

The Absolute Sound‘s Super Disc List

Report From The Florida Audio Expo

Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier

AVA DVA M225 Monoblock Power Amplifiers

Boulder 861 Int. Amp. & Factory Tour

darTZeel NHB-468 Monoblock & NHB-18NS MKII Pre.

TAD E1TX-K Loudspeaker

Wilson Audio Alexx V Loudspeaker

Gradient 1.4 Loudspeaker

Naim Audio Atom Uniti HE Headamp 

…and much more!

The White House Vinyl LP Recording Library

A donation from the Recording Industry Association of America to the Nixon White House, the White House Recording Library was comprised of 2000 LPs, and overseen by a committee of scholars, journalists, and musicians. The library was then stored away and forgotten. John Chuldenko, the grandson of President Jimmy Carter, recalls hearing stories of the collection and began his search to uncover the lost music. He shares his quest and discovery with White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin.

Editorial: Many Music Lovers Still Want A Decent CD Player

“People still want to buy a decent CD player – like the now unavailable OPPO BDP-205D we use as a reference, with ESS ES9038 Pro DAC chip inside. Top analogue-to-digital convertor chips like this give superb results with CD but for them steam-punk digital delivered by lasers on sleds is a side issue. That was yesterday; such chips are capable of so much more today – but that means they must be connected to outside sources, not an old silver disc, in order to play high resolution 24-bit digital.”
— Noel Keywood of Hi-Fi World

The Weeknd And Binance Integrate Web 3.0

Binance, the global blockchain ecosystem behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced it is the official sponsor of The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn” tour and a $2,000,000 donation to the XO Humanitarian Fund. This marks the first global concert tour to integrate Web 3.0 technology for an enhanced fan experience. With the ongoing ~20% decline in bank currency values / buying power over only the past handful of years, global Crypto currencies have been seen as an alternative to localized products by central banking schemes.

Third Floor Thrills At Audio Expo North America 2022

Mobile Fidelity (MoFi Distribution) had three consecutive rooms with some very interesting gear. I was very impressed with the Manger P2 speaker ($22k) in a refreshing wood veneer driven by the new Mastersound Compact 845 tube amp ($10.5k) with Psvane 845 tubes. Not only did it sound great, even with a digital front end, but this was also the most attractive-looking Manger I’ve ever seen — far better looking than the dull black finishes I’ve seen in the past.

EnjoyTheMusic.com’s June 2022 Luxury Audio Review Magazine

With our ongoing event coverage of AXPONA, plus the world’s largest show HIGH END in Munich, we’re also happy to announce EnjoyTheMusic.com‘s June luxury hi-fi Review Magazine is now available. This month we celebrate the integrated amplifier with reviews of Rotel, Soundastic, and Aavik, plus hi-res DACs from Chord and Canor. Vinyl LP lovers rejoice as we give you our expert assessment of Acoustical Systems’ Aquilar Anniversary Tonearm & Palladian MC phono cartridge. If you love guitars, we’ve ‘unearthed’ a vintage Gibson factory tour video from 1967! All this and much more within our June Review Magazine.

HIGH END 2022 Show Report By Andrija Ćurković Of HiFi Media Magazine

After two uneventful years, audiophile caravans have once again moved towards their mecca, Munich, and the high-end show organized by the German HIGH END Society Service GmbH, which has achieved world supremacy over all other hi-fi shows currently being organized in the world. Due to the relative proximity to Zagreb (about 550 km, or 6 hours of driving), my colleague Neven Kos and I chose car transport because we have complete freedom and comfort during the trip, compared to any other form of transport.

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