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Sound & Sight Exhibition, Pt. 4 | Singapore 2022

Alright, drum roll. Here comes my favorite sounding room of the entire International Sound & Sight Exhibition in Singapore. The Børresen Acoustics loudspeakers, powered by Aavik electronics and Ansuz switch and Ansuz cables. Before we […]

Sound & Sight Exhibition, Pt. 3 | Singapore 2022

Speaking of a newly revived “Old” Japanese brand name that has been gathering momentum and generating a lot of buzz in the past few years, the all-new Luxman collection made a huge impression at the […]

International Sound & Sight Exhibition Pt. 2 | Singapore 2022

Highly anticipated at the International Sound & Sight Exhibition in Singapore is the all new Peak Loudspeaker, which debuted for the first time in Asia. Peak Loudspeaker, or formerly known as Peak Consult, had two […]

International Sound & Sight Exhibition, Pt. 1 | Singapore 2022

“You can’t chew bubble gum.” That’s the most common response I get when I tell people I’m attending Singapore Audio Show, known as the International Sound & Sight Exhibition. On occasions, they may add “no jaywalking” […]

Ana Mighty Sound, Great Cartridge Maker and Rebuilder | REVIEW

Before I even bring up Ana Mighty Sound (website), let me state that I abhor rebuilt cartridges. They are to me, unholy, defiled, inferior, and more often than not, a far cry from the real thing.   It is like having your Ferrari serviced by the corner garage operation, or your Rolex tempered with by some counterfeit watchmaker, or worse, having an operation performed by an unqualified surgeon. Even when the cartridge comes back looking like it’s good as new, which it seldom does, something always feels off when I play the repaired cartridge, which is why I always put them up for sale upon their return from repair. If you’ve been playing vinyl long enough, the big “OH SHIT” moment of breaking a cartridge is bound to happen sooner or later. It could be your sweater snagging the cantilever, or your cat jumping onto the platter, or it could be you squishing your cartridge’s suspension by accident. There are no shortages of silly ways of breaking your cartridge. When François Saint-Gérand, owner of Ana Mighty Sound from France, contacted me at the end of the 2019 Munich Show and handed over four of his rebuilt Ana Mighty Sound TSD-15N cartridges […]

Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 GT Turntable | REVIEW

Golf balls and squash balls, what have I gotten myself into? Literally! When Bernard Li, CEO of Charisma Audio, delivered the Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 GT table to me, I immediately questioned the sanity of my decision to embark on this review. The turntable itself is absolutely gorgeous. With its post-industrial look and aluminum top, the Amadeus captivated me momentarily, but as soon as Li started to assemble the $13,688 Amadeus the alarm bells started to sound off in my head.   The acrylic platter was the first question mark. Acrylic has a very strong sonic character of its own, and I’ve never been a fan. I also noticed the platter seems to rock back and forth in the idle position, which made me question the stability of the design. Then there are the squash balls. The table literally uses four of them sandwiched in between the plinth as the primary isolation mechanism. The tonearm has a bottom pivot made of half a golf ball suspended on a bed of silicon. Finally, the pivot of the tonearm seems to change position every time you move the arm wand, so we are really getting off to a bad start!   “Trust me on […]

Glanz MH-124S Premium Tonearm | REVIEW

The Glanz MH-124S Premium tonearm review is the most difficult review I have ever done for two reasons. The first reason is the sheer beauty of the tonearm and its absolutely flawless sonic performance, making it very difficult for me to return the sample to Hamada San. The second reason is a more somber one. Three months into the review, my beloved brother-in-law took his own life after a silent battle with depression, leaving behind his two-month-old child and widow. For a couple of months, I simply could not bring myself to do anything audio -related as I went through a hard and long period of grieving. Hence I would like to dedicate this review in remembrance of Victor Lee.   I also wanted to thank Glanz’s aforementioned designer Hamada San and Toshio Muroi San of Axiss Corporation of Japan for their gentlemanly patience. The Glanz MH-124S Premium arm was in my possession for nearly a year. Ever since I reviewed the original Glanz MH-124S 12” Tonearm in 2015, it has occupied a permanent spot in my reference tonearm collection. My level of appreciation for the tonearm has increased quite a bit after my review in 2015. If the review […]

A Weekend with Stéphane Hautcoeur, CEO of EON Art, Canada

“Try this cheese”, said Stéphane Hautcoeur, CEO of EON Art, Canada. “It is called Epoisses. It is a soft cheese and it tastes even better with age.   It is made in the village of Epoisses de Bourgogne, and obviously it goes well with Burgundy.” Indeed it did, it almost increased the intensity of the 2002 Geyrey-Chambertin Petite Chapelle by two notches. But I thought it tasted even better with the 1998 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle, which of course is one of my favorite wines of all time. But mid-evening we enjoyed another bottle of 2003 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo, and lost count after that. Stéphane Hautcoeur surely knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, and it is not the first time that I hit it off so well with somebody right from the start, almost like meeting an old friend from childhood days. Yet, it was only the second time which we have seen each other. We took our wine glasses and went back into the audio room and finished playing the Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet in its entirety. The star of the evening is of course, EON Art’s Quark Integrated Amplifier, which Hautcoeur brought to my house […]

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