CD, DVD Enhancing

24.99 incl. VAT

CD ENHANCER #1 IN THE WORLD THAT REALLY WORKS. Our first and very successful product.

24.99 incl. VAT

Black Analoguer II (version 2.0) is made it more powerful to be a static killer.

How powerful? 10 times old version and 30-40 times compared to control competitive product. Look at the performance on polycarbonate surfaces (charge dissipation time - less is better) results chart we received from our lab. Actually, BA II dissipation time was from 0.1 sec to unmeasurably close to zero.

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Most audiophiles accept that CD is the primary option for excellent digital audio. We offer the ultimate kit that dramatically enhances your digital sound experience Only some raving reviews: Disk Detox! …I was surprised therefore when a quick spray with the Analoguer resuscitated a copy of Norah Jones’ first album that I had thought was [...]