Scriabin: Poem of Ecstasy; Prometheus; Piano Sonata No. 5

Poem of Ecstasy has totally earned each little bit of its fame. The colours coaxed from the orchestra are sensible but all the time utilized in service of the music. Scriabin’s principal themes are straightforward to recollect and acknowledge whilst they make their peregrinations by means of the twists and turns of his chromaticism. And the heights of jubilant grandeur the piece reaches are surrounded by their very own uncommon air. Shui and the Singapore Symphony are concurrently polished, managed, and invigorating, delivering a efficiency that ranks with the very best. In the sonata, Sudbin wins each devilish problem the composer throws his approach, maintaining the strains and rhythms clear whereas apparently having the time of his life. The miking makes the piano sound practically psychedelic, with completely different elements of the keyboard coming from completely different locations within the soundstage. It’s like being inside the piano as an alternative of simply within the corridor! Prometheus is a vivid tone poem depicting the evolution of the world and humankind from gritty chaos to “final transcendence.” Though elements of it really feel like a less-inspired sequel to Poem of Ecstasy, it has extra violent undertones and lurid orchestration. Again, a stellar efficiency in splendid sound.

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