Stromtank’s New SEQ POWER 5 Distribution Bar

“We at all times wished a distribution bar,” Stromtank CEO Wolfgang Meletzky defined as he held the machine with Annett Dehmel, Stromtank Managing Director. “So, we developed the SEQ 5 (approx. $4000, if I learn my scribble appropriately), which accommodates custom-made retailers with particular rhodium-plated pure copper contacts.” (Furutech GTX-D-NFC receptacles can be found as an choice.) The AC inlet, which might obtain as much as 2000W of 120V energy and 2800W of 230V energy, consists of Nano Crystal Formular contacts and a 6.3 × 32mm Slo-Blo fuse.

The SEQ 5 is claimed to comprise top-quality wire and elements. it consists of fully-shielded high-frequency Digital Distortion Suppression (DDS) on all retailers to suppress noise from switching energy provides. For customers with a big analog entrance finish, a second model is on the market that features one outlet with DDS and 4 “pure” retailers.

Designed for all elements besides high-current energy amplifiers, the SEQ 5 makes use of a Microchip PIC 16 on its processor board to sequentially swap on one outlet at a time. This permits energy to stabilize and reduces peak present on the principle energy line. The SEQ5’s latching relays comprise silver nickel chrome molybdenum (NCM)-plated contacts that accomplish 16A high-power switch with out contact distortion. The case is brushed and anodized aluminum/magnesium/silicon, and the mounting plate is brushed chrome steel. Stainless metal on aluminum/magnesium helps cut back mechanical resonance. The SEQ 5 weighs 11lb.

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