Do you want your records to produce the best sound possible? Use Chisto’s solutions for LP record special treatment

Easy Groove consists of several special solutions for LP record special treatment, designed to keep your records in great condition and ensure the best sound possible. Use Easy Groove’s special solutions for LP record special treatment, so that you records will enamour you with amazing soundscapes for a long time.

LP record special treatment: how to improve the sound of your records

Do you have a favorite LP? Be it jazz, rock, pop or blues, chances are, you’ve listened to that record over a few dozen times. At some point, you’ve probably noticed that the sound quality has somewhat gone downhill, “dimmed down”. Why exactly did it happen?

If the record is old, you might assume that it’s simply worn down and it just deteriorated over time. That is absolutely correct, but it doesn’t really stop there: there are reasons for its deterioration speeding up. What it really comes down to is how you take care of and clean your LP collection.

Vinyl is quite sensitive to many factors: humidity, temperature, quality of the material used in pressing etc. However, another simple fact of life is that records get dusty. That in itself isn’t a problem, since you can just brush it off… or can you? While most of it does fly off, a significant amount of the dust, dirt and other substances gets pushed into the depths of the record and gets stuck between microgrooves. Eventually, more and more dirt is piled up and accumulated, and it starts to harden over time. That’s where it becomes a big problem, as your turntable will run into trouble when you attempt to play that LP, due to the fact that the needle will have to work through the hardened dirt in the microgrooves. In turn, that will cause more friction, which will generate static electricity. Consequently, static can interfere with signal transmission, making the audio come out distorted and causing weird audio artifacts to occasionally occur.

How do we solve these issues? It seems clear that LP record special treatment is required, but to that, one must find a solution that can provide it. As we’ve already established, simple brushing won’t cut it; buying special ultrasonic cleaners is a good investment, but they are quite expensive and typically not very convenient in practice, as you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning each record individually. If you look for a cleaning liquid, you’ll find that most of them will only clean the surface area; the problem lies in the fact that most of the dirty substances will only get worked further into the microgrooves and will appear unreachable. So is there anything on the market that can provide that coveted LP record special treatment?

Chisto’s Easy Groove for best LP record special treatment

As fellow audiophiles, we’ve encountered the same problem in the not too distant past and have struggled to solve it. However, we’ve been lucky enough to find a number of professional chemists to consult, since we wanted to see if we concoct a solution that tackles all of these issues at once. So, after months of consulting with chemists and testing with audiophile friends we can proudly present Chisto’s Easy Groove – a line of record cleaning liquids made for LP record special treatment.

How do they solve all of the problems mentioned above? The answer lies in the chemical formula. It completely cleans the record, both the surface and the microgrooves, leaving no chemical traces (which was an important part of our research, as such a powerful solution could have been harmful for vinyl surfaces). It is also equipped with antistatic components, meaning it dissipates static in less than 0.1 second, thus not allowing it the chance to make a negative impact on sound. Finally, it doesn’t leave any surfactants, which means that the record will stay clean for a long time.

Easy Groove cleaning solutions are sold in spray bottles, ensuring that you’re able to clean your records quickly and easily. To further help audio aficionados, we have included premium-quality polishing cloths and dusters to be used in conjunction with the cleaning liquids for the most effective LP record special treatment.

So waste no more time and significantly improve the audio quality of your record collection with Chisto’s Easy Groove line for LP record special treatment and enjoy the amazing soundscapes that only vinyl can provide.

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