FiiO M3K Hi-Res Player And BTR3 Bluetooth Amplifier — Great Audiophile Gift

Being an old timer in battery powered portable audio, including everything from a brand new 1970 Panasonic transistor radio to the world’s first portable CD player (Sony D5 in 1985) and toyed with Diamond Rio mp3 player (1999), I am truly impressed at these two under $100 offerings. While there’s bragging rights with the latest and greatest (and overly heavy imho) ‘reference devices’ that are big, overly bulky, and frankly hard to justify at lofty $3000(!) pricing for some, FiiO’s M3K portable Hi-Res Audio music player and BTR3 Bluetooth amplifier at $69.99 each give you two ways to enhance your enjoyment of music at very reasonable pricing.
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