If you want the best for your records, use the best record cleaning fluid from Chisto – Easy Groove Spray&Wipe

Easy Groove Spray&Wipe is both gentle and effective: it will completely clean your records and won’t harm them in any way or leave any residue. Chisto’s unique chemical formula is what makes Spray&Wipe the best record cleaning fluid available, tested and approved by many audiophiles all over the world.

Audiophiles’ secrets – looking for the best record cleaning fluid

Do you happen to own a large collection of vinyl records? If you’re reading this article, the possibility of that is quite high; it is then also safe to assume that you are looking for an easy and effective way of cleaning your LP archive without spending several days on it. Why is this process so problematic and what can we do to improve it?

First and foremost, let’s establish why exactly your preferred method of cleaning records plays such a vital role and what you can accomplish with it. Obviously, proper care will extend your records’ life and immensely slow down its deterioration, as well as prevent its sound from being muffled, which tends to happen with older records that haven’t been cleaned for a long time. Also, with suitable treatment, you can eliminate the possibility of creating a bacteria habitat in the depths of your record (the grooves of a vinyl disc make for a perfect habitat, and that can potentially cause a health hazard. Another important aspect of LP care for audiophiles is static elimination; this is vital for those who are aiming for the best sound possible, as static interferes with signal transmission and can cause various audio artifacts.

Okay, so is there a solution that can accomplish the aforementioned tasks? Cleaning, static elimination, antibacterial treatment – all of that typically requires a separate solution; plus, we need to be sure that all of the things that we’ll use for cleaning are absolutely safe and won’t harm our precious LPs in any way. Since vinyl records are quite sensitive, typical household cleaning products are out of question – the probability of damaging the vinyl disc with concentrated chemicals is way too high. Basically, we need a special cleaning solution designed specifically for cleaning vinyl LPs.

While you can find many products that fit that description on the Internet, there’s no real guarantee of their effectiveness or safety; the market for audiophile products is niche, and quality control is pretty much non-existant. Being audiophiles ourselves, we at Chisto struggled to find a suitable solution that checked all the boxes, and have set out on our own quest to create such a product. And finally, after many months of hard work, we are ready to present Easy Groove Spray&Wipe – the best record cleaning fluid on the market right now.

What exactly makes Spray&Wipe the best record cleaning fluid on the market?

We wanted Spray&Wipe to be as flexible and easily applicable as possible so that it can be used to solve most of the problems that are tied to cleaning vinyl records. To create the formula capable of doing that, we have enlisted the help of professional chemists and oversaw rigorous testing with other experienced audiophiles. The formula proved its efficacy and safety in all possible scenarios, excelling in completely cleaning the record and not leaving any potentially harmful residue on the surface or in the grooves. The tests also showed that Spray&Wipe could be applied to a record of any age and even material (yes, even those ancient shellacs from the 1940s). Moreover, we can confirm that Spray&Wipe’s formula dissipates static almost instantly and does provide antibacterial treatment. All of these features combined make Spray&Wipe the best record cleaning fluid available to audiophiles for taking care of their LP archive.

To futher aid fellow audio aficionados in cleaning their extensive vinyl collections, we have included a special microfiber premium-quality cleaning cloth and a record duster, both of which work great in combination with the cleaning agent. As for newcomers into the close-knit community of audiophiles, a full guide on cleaning vinyl records is provided on our website, as well as a handful of other very useful products for improving your listening experience and keeping your vinyl LPs (also CDs, DVDs and various hi-end audio equipment) in top shape.

Chisto stands for constant betterment and improvement, which is why we revise our chemical formula several times a year to make sure that Spray&Wipe remains the best record cleaning fluid on the market. So put your trust in Chisto and make an investment that will be repaid tenfold by your records’ great condition and sound!

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