If you’re an audiophile in need of a cleaning kit for your LP archive, Chisto has developed an audiophile cleaning kit for you – the Easy Groove Superset

With Chisto, it is now possible to find every solution you need for treating your LP collection inside our very own audiophile cleaning kit. All of Chisto’s best cleaning items and solutions assembled in our Easy Groove audiophile cleaning kit will take good care of your precious record treasury.

Special treatment: an audiophile cleaning kit suited specifically for your needs

If you’re an audiophile (or at least if you own a few vinyl records that you occasionally listen to), then you must be aware of the frustration that comes with cleaning vinyl records. Not only does the process itself test your patience quite frequently, but finding the right products for cleaning is at times almost impossible. Why? The answer is relatively blunt: the market for products targeted towards audiophiles is very niche (not a lot of people would google “vinyl record cleaning products in this day and age); as a result, the quality control is all over the place and it becomes really hard to differentiate a useful and helpful product from something that might even be harmful.

The absence of a trustworthy platform where one can acquire all of the necessary items for cleaning has led many an audiophile to resort to home-made DIY solutions. While the dedication of vinyl lovers to their record treasury is admirable, DIY usually does more harm than good. After all, vinyl is a sensitive material that requires professional treatment, plus the disc itself carries information, which means that any strong chemical or even just excessive physical force used can damage the record permanently.

We at Chisto are against records being destroyed at the hand of unqualified vinyl enthusiasts, which is why we set out to create a cleaning kit for cleaning vinyl LPs, so that audiophiles all over the globe won’t ever need to resort to DIY or waste their money on shady solutions. And so, after years of work, research and testing we present to you…

Chisto’s Easy Groove Superset – the ultimate audiophile cleaning kit

Upon setting the task of creating a special audiophile cleaning kit for vinyl LP care, we created a list of main tasks that this kit needed to be able to accomplish. This list included surface cleaning, deep (grooves) cleaning, static dissipation, antibacterial treatment and record preservation measures. Needless to say, it’s tough to come up with an effective and long-term solution for even one of these problems, let alone all of them at once. However, after studying the most recent achievements of the chemical industry, we managed to use them to our benefit by creating a special chemical formula. This formula is perfectly suited for cleaning records, as it’s been proven to excel in surface and deep cleaning, eliminating all foreign substances from the vinyl disc. At the same time, we made sure that the liquid doesn’t leave behind any harmful chemical surfactants or residue, assuring complete safety for old and new records alike. This was the foundation for all special liquids assembled in our audiophile cleaning kit.

We have then perfected and modified our formula to be able to handle several different tasks. Of course, as audiophiles, our primary goal was to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic fields ruining our perception of the record; this why we ensured our product’s effectiveness when it came to dealing with static build-up and its immediate dissipation. Antibacterial treatment, however, is just as important, as its effectiveness can directly impact your health; thus, we’ve included an antibacterial and fungicide liquid in the audiophile cleaning kit. Finally, all of the cleaning liquids were tested by many seasoned audiophiles, guaranteeing its safety and your records’ longevity.

To complete our audiophile cleaning kit, we have included the best cleaning cloth and record duster that we could find to be used for applying Chisto’s liquids and for regular cleaning. All of these items assembled together now make up Chisto’s Easy Groove Superset – an audiophile cleaning kit that will serve your LP collection for a long time.

So, if you’re tired of searching every corner of the Internet for a trustworthy solution for your record cleaning needs, invest in Chisto’s Superset – and you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your LPs ever again.

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