If you’re looking for a disk static elimination spray to get the best sound from your CDs, look no further than Chisto’s Disk Analoguer.

The sound of your CDs is inherently impaired because of static charges that interfere in digital signal transmission. Learn how to battle static using the most effective disk static elimination spray available – Disk Analoguer.

Origin of static

If you talk to any audiophile for an extended period of time, you’ll learn one of the testaments of the audiophile community: static is the worst enemy of sound. It’s true: static is one of those factors that just never goes away, and to make matters worse, it’s hard to fix. While ordinary listeners may not even be aware of static as a serious factor in audio, it’s doesn’t mean that it’s not there, actively making your listening experience worse.

See, there are many complicated physical processes that take place when any CD is being played. As the data is being read off a CD, heat and friction cause electrostatic fields to appear all over the surface of a disc. These static fields then interfere with the signal, causing various alterations when that signal arrives at your speakers.

Why static is harmful for your CDs

Simply put, whenever electrostatic fields appear, the quality of the signal that is transmitted to your speakers is significantly diminished. Because of this, what you’re hearing isn’t actually the sound of the recording, but rather a worse version of it. Plus, the more electrostatic fields are generated, the more the signal will deteriorate. Basically, you’ll never be able to hear the intended, unaltered sound of a CD unless electrostatic fields are somehow dissipated.

How to combat static using a disk static elimination spray

The problem of static has boggled the minds of many audiophiles and continues to do so to this day. Everybody has their own methods of dealing with static, some practical and useful, but most are ineffective. Why? Well, electrostatic fields aren’t something that we can manually influence, especially given when their appearences occur. However, we at Chisto believe that we have designed the perfect solution for static elimination, backed by numerous advancements in the chemical industry. Enter Disk Analoguer.

Disk Analoguer is a disk static elimination spray with a special chemical formula assembled specifically for solving the problem of static. Numerous tests have shown that after a single application of the Analoguer electrostatic fields start dissipating almost instantly, allowing the signal to come out unimpaired and unaltered in any way. Analoguer’s formula is unique, as it is both effective and safe for your CDs, which is a crucial quality for a disk static elimination spray (due to the fact that CDs, like any similar electronics, are extremely sensitive).

Due to its simple function, the Analoguer has a multipurpose quality as a disk static elimination spray. What we mean by that is it can also be applied to DVDs and blu-rays. See, the technology of DVDs and CDs is very similar and thus shares the same problems. That includes the aforementioned electrostatic fields, which appear on DCDs and Blu-rays too. By applying the Analoguer, the full vast colour palette of your favourite movies will come out in its original form, unharmed by static.

So, by investing in a disk static elimination spray, or, to be more specific, Chisto’s Disk Analoguer (and Black Analoguer), you are killing two birds with one stone, as you’ll be able to both listen to your favourite tunes, enjoying the richness and brightness of the tone to its fullest, as well as watch movies that will soothe your eyes with full colour, without having to deal with a dimmed palette or weird visual artifacts. We encourage you to try our disk static elimination spray and see just how much more you’ll be able to hear and see after applying the Analoguer.

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