If you’re looking for easy and accessible solutions for LP care, then Chisto’s Easy Groove is your best choice

Finding the right solutions for record care has always been problematic for vinyl enthusiasts; Chisto has compiled all of necessary cleaning items into a special kit – the Superset. So if you’re still unsure of what is needed for cleaning your vinyl archive, Chisto will provide everything you require for safe and effective LP care.

The intricacies of LP care

If you’re reading this article, then chances are you, just like us, are a fan of vinyl records (and probably own at least a few of them as well). To many people, vinyl records belong in the same category as VHS tapes: their age has passed and technology has introduced new and better ways of consuming media. And yet, despite all technological developments of the last 30 years, vinyl records are still being widely printed and sold by mainstream and indie artists alike. Not bad for an “ancient” and “outdated” format, huh?

However, even the most stubborn audiophiles will have to admit that there are certain areas of comparison where vinyl records are inferior to more modern forms of storing audio. Of course, those areas are preservation and care: anyone can see how CDs can be stored for decades without any special treatment required, and digital audio is… well, digital, so realistically the only danger there is if the audio file somehow gets corrupted. On the other hand, vinyl LPs require a lot more attention and care, otherwise they’ll get extremely dirty and deteriorate, becoming completely unplayable. This is why we have to talk about LP care.

See, LP care is a pretty tough subject to tackle. First of all, LPs are basically data storages – therefore, they are sensitive to any form of physical manipulation. Secondly, while vinyl as a material isn’t frail, it’s still relatively easy to break, and if you take our first point into consideration, then it’s understandable why even the slightest excessive force may prove to be fatal to the condition of the record. Finally, you have to take into account the many intricacies of a vinyl disc itself – for instance, the grooves, which are hard to reach and will always accumulate more dirt than the surface.

Having established all that, it’s clear that extremely few cleaning solutions will be effective and, more importantly, safe for cleaning puposes purposes. So what solutions do we need to get in order to cover all areas of LP care?

Chisto’s Easy Groove line has the most effective solutions for LP care

We at Chisto asked ourselves the same question and decided to create a line of products that would cover all possible aspects of LP care and various problems connected with it. Our additional goals were to include helpful features that weren’t thought of by other vendors before, as well as make applying our solutions as easy and intuitive as possible. In order to accomplish that, we have turned to the chemical industry for help. After several years of development and testing we managed to create a formula that is almost too perfect for the task we set for ourselves.

Easy Groove is a line of cleaning solutions that solve practically any problem related to LP care that you can think of. Our cleaning liquids are great for both surface and deep cleaning; they are absolutely safe for old (even shellac) records, but treat new records just as effectively; they have antibacterial qualities in order to prevent harmful microorganisms from setting up their habitat in the grooves of your LPs; and, to top it off, our chemical formula prevents the build-up of electrostatic fields on your record which interfere with the signal and cause audio artifacts. Oh, and there is a top-notch microfiber cloth, as well as a record duster included free of charge. Does that sound good to you?

As fellow audiophiles, we wanted the subject of LP care to be the least of your worries when you’re getting new vinyl records to add to your collection. After acquiring our Superset, you pretty much won’t have to buy anything else related to LP care for a while, as from that point onwards cleaning records should take minimal time and effort. Buy vinyl records not to clean their grooves, but to enjoy the unique and colourful soundscapes that they provide!

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