Improve the condition of your hi-end setup with Chisto’s hi-end video care products.

Upgrade your cleaning habits and use our specialized line of products to never worry about having to waste time constantly polishing and removing dust from your screens and gear. In general, people refuse to buy hi-end video care products and special HD screen cleaners, mostly due to them being quite expensive. Let us convince you why spending a little extra is worth it.

Clean your screen: why you’re doing it wrong

There’s hardly a more irritating feeling in the world than when you’re watching a fantastic movie (or a great TV show), and when you change angles of viewing (i.e. lie down instead of sitting) you notice a thin layer of dust covering your HD TV screen, even though you thoroughly cleaned it only a few days ago. Okay, we may be exaggerating here, as you can probably name quite a few more irritating things, but it’s still very annoying, as you can’t really enjoy watching anything until that dust is taken care of. However, a few days later out of the corner of your eye you notice a new layer of dust, and the cycle repeats again, and again… and again.

Another common occurrence is finding blemishes and residue on your screens, amps and receivers after cleaning. Given how this kind of gear is typically really expensive, it’s not very desirable for any kind of potentially harmful chemical substances to be left on the surface.

Why does this keep happening?

Well, to break the cycle of eternal frustration, you would have to look into what you use for your hi-end video care. Typically, people tend to be lazy, which leads them to use the same home cleaning supplies for everything. It should be noted, that these cleaning products are used for cleaning floors and windows, scrubbing bathtubs – but they aren’t used for screens and gear, and they are certainly not suitable for hi-end video care. Of course, most don’t care about these technicalities, but the consequences can be quite drastic. I mean, think about it – these products are full of concentrated chemicals, and people use them on HD screens and hi-end gear, which, more often than not, are quite sensitive. The previously mentioned quick accumulation of dust on the surface is one of possible results, as an average cleaning agent will leave surfactants that cause that effect (again, they aren’t suitable for this type of cleaning). More importantly, depending on the types of chemicals used in the making of a product, the agent used in cleaning can leave permanent stains on the surface or even damage it in some way (this applies tenfold to HD screens). As you can see, laziness and ignorance can have huge ramifications in the long run, costing you thousands of dollars to repair old equipment or buy new gear just because you couldn’t bother yourself with looking for products specifically made for the purpose of hi-end video care.

What kind of special products are on offer?

One of these special products is Chisto’s own Hi-End Show Gloss. It was developed specifically for hi-end video care. Amplifiers, preamps, receivers – everything to do with hi-end will greatly benefit from the application of Show Gloss. The set of chemicals used in this product doesn’t leave any stains or surfactants and is designed for use on sensitive items (thus making it 100% safe). Gentle cleaning using this agent will have a lasting effect, as you’ll notice an improvement in your optical screen resolution (all of the additional dirty substances will be removed due to the best polishing cloths that we could find) and you won’t see any dust on the surface for at least two weeks. The effectiveness of Show Gloss has been confirmed and praised by such renowned individuals in the audiophile community as Mark Levinson, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

So remember: if frustration about dust frequently accumulating on your HD screen is something you can relate to, than our Hi-End Show Gloss is the best choice in the hi-end video care department you can make.

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