Qobuz Hi-Res Lossless Music — Bonus Great Audiophile Gift

Qobuz Hi-Res Music Makes A Great Audfiophile Gift

And so beginning as Qobuz streamlines its monthly offering to one $14.99 plan ($12.50 per month with a yearly plan) that includes unlimited access to its entire Hi-Res Music and CD lossless catalog streaming. This provides music lovers up to 24-bit/192kHz streaming for Hi-Res Music and 16-bit/44.1kHz for 1980’s technology CD, which is better than 1996’s lossy compressed MP3. With Qobuz’s maximum quality plan now available for one accessible price, Qobuz is the first streaming service to say goodbye to the increasingly archaic MP3. Neil Young, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member artist whose early support and ongoing enthusiasm for Hi-Res are well-documented, says “Qobuz sounds great! Qobuz was one of the earliest Hi-Res streamers. Their new offer is another big step towards making Hi-Res streaming available at the same cost as MP3 streaming today.”
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