Rosamund Pike on successful a BBC Audio Drama Award, her love for the medium – and why you received’t hear her in The Archers

Rosamund Pike on successful a BBC Audio Drama Award, her love for the medium – and why you received’t hear her in The Archers

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<p>She performed New Yorker Emily, who makes use of the horror of the 9/11 assaults as a possibility to flee a tough household state of affairs and arrange a brand new life in California as Connie Pryne, citing a daughter, Claire, on her personal. Yet 14 years later, when she receives a most cancers prognosis, she realises she should confront the life she ran away from, if just for the sake of Claire.</p>
<p>Talking to <robust>Radio Times</robust> backstage in Broadcasting House, Pike says of the award: “Audio is a really private ardour for me, I grew up travelling with my mother and father on lengthy automobile journeys and the factor that acquired me by way of these journeys was a field of 16 tapes that contained an entire e book. And it was an illustrious panel of judges for this award; it’s very significant when the individuals on the judging committee are all actors and that this present moved them sufficient to vote for me.”</p>
<p>Talking additional about her early years, when she first turned conscious of audio drama, Pike reveals that Margot Boyd, who performed Mrs Antrobus in The Archers from 1984 to 2004, used to reside within the subsequent block of flats over from her childhood dwelling. “She was my first actual contact with an actual actress, so she was my thought of what an actress appeared like.” And like for many people, The Archers is emblematic for her: “The music and listening to that was I suppose what everybody regarded as audio drama.”</p>
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</div><div class="caption-hold"><figcaption class="wp-caption-text"><span class="caption-copy"><i class="icon-arrow icon-camera-circle"></i> Rosamund Pike in People Who Knew Me</span></figcaption><span class="im-image-caption"></span></div>
<p>Given her early associations with The Archers, would she observe within the footsteps of the likes of Queen Camilla, Princess Margaret, Sir Terry Wogan, Dame Judi Dench and, er, Rylan, and make a visitor look in Ambridge? “I’m probably not a visitor look sort. I really feel there may be type of leaders and there are followers and I feel I desire to be the chief. I prefer to set the tone somewhat than attempt to catch as much as it, and that’s typically in life, in all issues, that’s not nearly work.”</p>
<p>While she is probably not turning up for a pint in The Bull with Eddie Grundy, her love for working in audio is obvious: “I really like the free rein the creativeness will get. It’s a bit just like the efficiency is the equal of the rehearsal room for a play, the place you might be fully the individual in your head however it doesn’t matter for those who don’t but seem like the individual. It doesn’t matter for those who’ve acquired a spot that day otherwise you’ve acquired a bruise. It’s that freedom I really like. With People Who Knew Me, I can play the character in her 20s and 40 as a result of I could make my voice sound youthful, however I can’t make myself seem like that.”</p>
<p>She’s fast to squash the concept that not having to be in hair and make-up for hours and fear about facial expressions makes taking part in a task in an audio drama any simpler: “You’ve nonetheless acquired to search out the character inside your self, and there’s truly extra care of whether or not your voice sounds ‘clicky’ or whether or not you may have a chilly, which I did have throughout a part of People Who Knew Me, as a result of instantly you’re hyper conscious of each little manner it modifications your voice.”</p>
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</div><div class="caption-hold"><figcaption class="wp-caption-text"><span class="caption-copy"><i class="icon-arrow icon-camera-circle"></i> Rosamund Pike, Daniella Isaacs and Hugh Laurie recording People Who Knew Me.</span></figcaption><span class="im-image-caption"> <i>BBC</i></span></div>
<p>While many individuals could concentrate on singers and actors consuming heat honey and lemon drinks to guard their voices, Pike shares one other trick of the recording sales space – all the time have a provide of inexperienced apples. “If your voice is a bit sticky, take a few bites of a inexperienced apple and the excessive amount of pectin cuts by way of that stickiness.”</p>
<p>Writer Daniella Isaacs additionally directed the drama and the way in which she recorded, eschewing the standard radio drama set-up of actors in entrance of microphone stands, scripts in hand, in favour of the actors sporting headset mics and utilizing tablets for scripts in order that they might be cellular and as naturalistic as potential, was one thing that Pike loved.</p>
<p>“People have critiqued audio drama up to now for being barely stilted, however the fashionable expertise means we might be very free. Daniella wished it to sound like eavesdropping and it was the primary time I’d completed an audio drama the place you might embrace anyone or anyone may cry into your shoulder or you might eat a baguette and all that sound could be captured. She wished to listen to mouth noises, sniffs, chewing, snivelling, respiratory, catches of emotion, voice cracking. She inspired us to play and reside the scenes. It actually was [liberating].”</p>

<p>At a time when radio drama budgets are more and more feeling the squeeze, Pike sees the advantage in what you are able to do with sound versus a visible medium: “I feel what’s sensible is when a narrative that’s massive might be contained inside the audio house. So this [People Who Knew Me] with 9/11 and all the massive issues that occur in it, it will have been a really, very costly tv manufacturing, and we had been in a position to do it and make it actual for individuals.”</p>
<p>On accumulating her award, Pike stated she was stunned that the drama could be broadcast on Radio 4 within the Book at Bedtime slot, as she thought it a harrowing pay attention and was frightened it will disrupt listeners’ sleep. Speaking backstage she revealed the impact the position had on her: “The manner I really feel about Connie/Emily, once I acquired to the top of [listening to] the story, I discovered myself proper again there, feeling her emotions once more. [By the end] I type of acquired choked up, as a result of it seems like one thing I’ve lived and inhabited.”</p>
<p>That’s the ability of audio drama.</p>
<h2><robust>Full record of winners on the BBC Audio Drama Awards</robust></h2>
<p><robust>Best Original Single Drama</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Dear Harry Kane by James Fritz, producer Sally Avens, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<li>Benny and Hitch by Andrew McCaldon, producers Neil Varley and Tracey Neale, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<li>Eat and Run by Paolo Chianta, producer Lorna Newman, BBC Audio Drama North</li>
<p><robust>Best Adaptation</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Bess Loves Porgy by Edwin DuBose Heyward, tailored by Roy Williams, producer Gill Parry, feral inc</li>
<li>COMMENDATION If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller by Italo Calvino, tailored by Tim Crouch and Toby Jones, producer Nadia Molinari, BBC Audio Drama North</li>
<li>COMMENDATION Beowulf Retold primarily based on the model by Seamus Heaney, producer Pauline Harris, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<p><robust>Best Original Series or Serial</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Trust by Jonathan Hall, producer Gary Brown, BBC Audio Drama North</li>
<li>COMMENDATION There’s Something I Need to Tell You by John Scott Dryden and Misha Kawnel, producer Emma Hearn, Goldhawk Productions</li>
<li>Flirties, written and produced by Jess Hamilton, Audiocraft</li>
<p><robust>Best Actor</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Hiran Abeysekera, Dear Harry Kane, director Sally Avens, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<li>COMMENDATION Lorn Macdonald, Confessions of a Justified Sinner, director Kirsty Williams, BBC Scotland</li>
<li>Tim McInerny, Benny &amp; Hitch, director Tracey Neale, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<p><robust>Best Actress</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Rosamund Pike, People Who Knew Me, director Daniella Isaacs, Merman</li>
<li>Gabrielle Brooks, Bess Loves Porgy, director Michael Buffong, feral inc</li>
<li>Maxine Peake, The Women of Troy, director Nadia Molinari, BBC Audio Drama North</li>
<p><robust>Best Supporting Performance</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Mark Heap, Kafka’s Dick, administrators Polly Thomas and Dermot Daly, Naked Productions</li>
<li>Sacha Dhawan, Anna Karenina, director Nadia Molinari, BBC Audio Drama North</li>
<p><robust>The Marc Beeby Award for Best Debut Performance</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Rosalind Eleazar, Hindsight, director Gaynor Macfarlane, BBC Scotland</li>
<li>COMMENDATION Jadie Rose Hobson, Exposure, director Anne Isger, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<li>COMMENDATION Dan Parr, The Test Batter Can’t Breathe, director Tracey Neale, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<p><robust>Best Sit Com or Comedy Drama</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Where to, Mate? devised by Jo Enright, Peter Slater, Abdullah Afzal, Nina Gilligan, Andy Salthouse, Keith Carter, Jason Wingard, producer Carl Cooper, BBC Studios Audio</li>
<li>Call Jonathan Pie by Tom Walker, producer Alison Vernon-Smith, Yada-Yada Audio</li>
<li>She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith, tailored by Barunka O’Shaughnessy, producer Emma Harding, BBC Cymru Wales</li>
<p><robust>Best Stand Up Comedy</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Sarah Keyworth: Are You a Boy or a Girl by by Sarah Keyworth, extra materials Ruby Clyde, producer Georgia Keating, BBC Studios Audio</li>
<li>COMMENDATION Janey Godley: the C Bomb by Janey Godley, producers Julia Sutherland and Richard Melvin, Dabster Productions</li>
<li>Olga Koch: OK Computer by Olga Koch and Charlie Dinkin, producer Benjamin Sutton, BBC Studios Audio</li>
<p><robust>Best Use of Sound</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Hamlet Noir, sound by David Chilton, Lucinda Mason Brown, Weronika Andersen, producers Charlotte Melén, Carl Prekopp and Saskia Black, Almost Tangible</li>
<li>The Dark Is Rising, sound by Gareth Fry, producers Catherine Bailey and Tim Bell, Catherine Bailey Productions and Complicité</li>
<li>The Women of Troy, sound by Sharon Hughes, producer Nadia Molinari, BBC Audio Drama North</li>
<p><robust>Best Podcast Audio Drama</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Badger and the Blitz by Richard Turley and Darren Francis, producer Richard Turley, ROXO</li>
<li>The Salvation by Justin Lockey, Jeffrey Aidoo, and AK Benedict, producers John Hamm and Boz Temple-Morris, Holy Mountain and Free Turn</li>
<li>Tagged by Brett Neichin and John Scott Dryden, producer Emma Hearn, Sony Music Entertainment and Goldhawk Productions</li>
<p><robust>Best European Drama</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> This Word by Marta Rebzda, producer Waldemar Modestowicz, Polish Radio Theatre</li>
<li>Faust (I Never Read It) by Noam Brusilovsky, producer Andrea Oetzmann, SWR Südwestrundfunk with Deutschlandfunk</li>
<li>The Supervisor by Nis-Momme Stockmann, producer Michael Becker, NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk</li>
<p><robust>IMISON AWARD 2024</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Benny and Hitch by Andrew McCaldon, producers Neil Varley and Tracey Neale, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<li>Happy Hour by Liv Fowler, producer Jelena Budimir, Naked Productions</li>
<li>In Moderation by Katie Bonna, producer Sally Avens, BBC Audio Drama London</li>
<p><robust>TINNISWOOD AWARD 2024</robust></p>
<li><robust>WINNER</robust> Cracking by Shôn Dale-Jones, producer John Norton, BBC Cymru Wales</li>
<li>About a Dog by Huw Brentnall, producer Fiona McAlpine, Allegra Productions</li>
<li>Ghosted by Lindsay Sharman, directed by the writer for Long Cat Media</li>
<li>Scooters, Shooters and Shottas by John R Gordon, director Rikki Beadle-Blair, Urban Wolf for Team Angelica/The Art Machine</li>
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