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Staticaster is the solution for quick static elimination for your audio/video hi-end setup.


Black Analoguer II (version 2.0) is made it more powerful to be a static killer.

How powerful? 10 times old version and 30-40 times compared to control competitive product. Look at the performance on polycarbonate surfaces (charge dissipation time - less is better) results chart we received from our lab. Actually, BA II dissipation time was from 0.1 sec to unmeasurably close to zero.


Stylus Care System


CD ENHANCER #1 IN THE WORLD THAT REALLY WORKS. Our first and very successful product.


Enzyme record cleaning concentrate

Ultimate pre-wash solution Makes 1 Liter

Extra dirty records really exist as Jazz, Blues records of 40s and 50s or records stored in dusty places for decades. They need a special treatment as a pre-wash before your average cleaning procedure. Enzymes come to help. But we spent a lot of time to find very effective and also very safe, very green ( biodegradable) one to protect our nature also. Use it as a pre-wash before your normal cleaning.  


Professional line Ultra powerful and quick pre-wash solution


Simple and effective spray&wipe solution. Easy Groove clean all types of records from LP to ancient, but lovely 78 RPM shellacs. Quick and convenient way to keep your records at its best and prolong lifespan of your cartridge. We recommend to treat even brand new records as they have MRA (mould release agent) that makes sound muddy. We included Chisto Duster absolutely free to be used as probably the best record brush and also as cleaning activator.


Gently cleans all types of audio/video gear from amplifiers and receivers to large HD screens.

Improves optical resolution of HD screen surface. Quick and convenient way to keep your beloved gadgets at its best.

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