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Donner PC-02 Content Creation Workstation Debuts

Donner PC-02 Content Creation Workstation
Donner PC-02 Content Creation Workstation.

Los Angeles, CA (May 26, 2023)—Donner’s new PC-02 Podcast Workstation is meant to be an all-in-one instrument for podcasters, content material creators, recordists and streamers who want an built-in podcast workstation and mixing console.

The PC-02 affords hybrid XLR/jack connectors, excessive acquire/low noise preamps with 48 V phantom energy, 5 motorized faders, DSP processors, and 9 programmable pads for automating mixing capabilities, triggering on-the-fly results, using sound results, taking part in exterior samples and background tracks. The 5 motorized faders (4 channels + 1 grasp) and settings will be saved and managed individually.

The 4 hybrid XLR/jack inputs can join microphones, devices and line-level units (w/ two 48 V phantom energy for condenser mics). Recognizing that having 4 mics in play would possibly effectively imply 4 persons are sitting for a podcast, the unit additionally sports activities a quartet of headphone outputs in addition to a pair of TRS Balanced MainOUTs.

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It additionally affords onboard recording and Bluetooth functionality. The PC-02 can be geared up with the corporate’s newest audio algorithms utilized on its impact pedals; among the many 10 separate voice results included are Noise Gate, Compressor, De-esser, EQ, Reverb, Delay, AutoTune, Pitch, Megaphone, and RobotTalk.

Elsewhere on the unit are an optical audio port; a USB-C port for connecting to your pc or cell phone; and a mic amp providing a acquire boot as much as 52 dB.

Donner PC-02 is transport now and out there at Donner’s Amazon storefront. Suggested road worth is $599.

Mackie DLZ Creator Mixer Unveiled

Mackie DLZ Creator Mixer
Mackie DLZ Creator Mixer.

Bothwell, WA (May 23, 2023)—Mackie has unveiled its DLZ Creator, a brand new mixer aimed toward content material creators starting from podcasters to streamers to recordists.

Primarily, the DLZ Creator is a digital podcast mixer and is outfitted with Mackie’s Mix Agent expertise, which assists, automates and guides setup for customers. The unit sports activities an adaptable interface, DLZ management modes and applicable processing, making it approachable for each established and new customers l.

The Control Modes (Easy, Enhanced, and Pro) permit the contact show to be reconfigured from easy and intuitive to superior and detailed, adapting to the person person’s ability degree with out compromising processing energy or sound high quality. Meanwhile, the Mix Agent setup assistant gives simple setup and automates capabilities, dialing ranges and extra the place they have to be with minimal effort or studying curve.

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For extra superior customers, Pro Mode unlocks extra options and energy throughout the mixer, permitting the recordist to take management and absolutely customise the product to get a desired sound. AutoMix manages ranges for as much as 4 mics, making use of the unit’s Onyx80 mic preamps. Users also can create personalized headphone mixes for visitors.

Keeping a watch to Mackie’s previous as a go-to for recordists, the DLZ Creator can be utilized to report or stream multitrack audio to a pc by way of USB-C, or straight to an SD card.

The DLZ Creator is accessible for $799.99.

Audio-Technica Debuts New USB Content Creation Microphone

Audio-Technica AT2040USB Microphone.

Stow, OH (May 17, 2023)—Audio-Technica has added to its 20 Series line of content material creation merchandise with the brand new AT2040USB Hypercardioid Dynamic USB Microphone.

As is likely to be deduced from the title, the AT2040USB microphone takes the broadcast-level AT2040 dynamic microphone and marries it with a plug-and-play USB Type-C cable, permitting podcasters, streamers and different content material creators to attach the mic on to a pc for instant use. No audio interface or extra cabling is required.

The AT2040USB has a high-resolution A/D converter with a sampling charge of as much as 24 bits/96 kHz, and its directional, hypercardioid pickup sample isolates the consumer’s voice from surrounding noise.

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The microphone’s metallic physique consists of an built-in shock mount to attenuate undesirable noise and vibration, whereas its inside pop filter (a multistage foam mesh windscreen) protects towards harsh spoken sounds. Additionally, a low-cut filter eliminates low-frequency sound for extra discount of vibration and surrounding environmental noise.

The AT2040USB can be outfitted with a headphone jack to allow real-time monitoring of the audio (with zero latency), in addition to a soft-touch mute button for muting on the microphone. A combination management dial adjusts the steadiness between the microphone audio and a pc sound supply. A two-state LED indicator ring lights blue when the mic is powered on and able to seize audio and lights crimson when it’s muted.

The AT2040USB comes with a USB cable (USB Type-C to USB Type-A) and USB adapter (USB Type-A to USB Type-C) for plug-and-play performance. The AT8458a shock mount (offered individually) may also be used with the microphone.

The AT2040USB runs $149 and is at present obtainable.

Boss Ships Gigcaster Audio Streaming Mixers

The Gigcaster 8 and Gigcaster 5
The Gigcaster 8 and Gigcaster 5.

Los Angeles, CA (May 12, 2023)—Boss has launched its new collection of audio streaming mixers. Based round two fashions—the Gigcaster 8 and Gigcaster 5—the mixer collection affords sound instruments, music playback features, and mixing options in self-contained desktop hubs.

The 8 is an eight-channel streaming mixer with a direct guitar/bass enter, 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs, an onboard stereo mic, eight sound/impact pads, a 20×14 USB audio interface, and help for onboard multitrack recording to microSD media.

Meanwhile, the 5 is a relatively compact five-channel streaming mixer with a direct guitar/bass enter, two XLR inputs, stereo line enter, eight digital sound/impact pads, 16×12 USB audio interface, and extra.

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The mixers can enable creators to stream on to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch and different platforms through USB or use Gigcaster offline to develop content material. Each mannequin sports activities a number of enter channels that enable customers to attach XLR mics and devices, and options processing from the Boss library onboard. Bluetooth audio is accessible for streaming music from a cell gadget, whereas foremost and headphones outputs present sound monitoring for a number of individuals.

Guitarists and bassists can straight join an instrument and play with amps and results derived from the GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor, whereas vocal results from the VE collection can present compression, pitch correction, delay, reverb and harmonies that robotically observe a set key.

The Boss Gigcaster 5 and Gigcaster 8 can be found for $479 and $699 respectively.

Røde RødeCaster Pro II Gets Firmware Update

Røde RødeCaster Pro II
Røde RødeCaster Pro II

Sydney, Australia (January 27, 2023)—Røde has issued a major update for its RødeCaster Pro II content creation mixer with the release of firmware 1.1.1, allowing the unit to now support advanced sub-mixing for all outputs, giving streamers and content creators even more flexibility over their audio.

While the previous update, version 1.0.7, added advanced routing capabilities for the RødeCaster Pro II’s USB outputs for easier integration into streaming setups, the new update takes expands upon that functionality, allowing users to independently adjust the level of every audio input for each of the 10 audio outputs, including the headphone and monitor outputs, the Bluetooth channel, on-board recording mix, and the three USB outputs. The expansion is intended to aid streamers who need to create custom sub-mixes for different audio destinations, such as stream and chat applications and their headphone mix.

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Firmware 1.1.1 additionally introduces a number of system optimizations and workflow improvements, including the routing of voice effects, which are now applied to each individual channel in multitrack mode, allowing users to capture these effects while maintaining the flexibility in post-production that multitrack recording offers.

The RødeCaster Pro II’s companion software Røde Central has also been updated to mirror all of the configuration options now available on the RødeCaster Pro II itself, including setting up Aphex audio processing, Smart pads and custom sub-mixes.

The Tula Mic – A Real-World Review

The Tula Microphone
The Tula Microphone sports a built-in stand that is removable and surprisingly robust noise cancellation.

As the debut product from Tula Mics, the appropriately named Tula Microphone is pretty unique, and not just because of its lustrous exterior. Instead of being another pocket-sized recorder that can double as a USB mic, the Tula is a pocket-sized USB mic that can double as a recorder. That may sound like splitting hairs, but it’s indicative of where the mic and the company behind it are coming from, rethinking the familiar from a different vantage point.

Roughly the size of a deck of cards, the Tula Mic is a stylish prosumer microphone designed for use in podcasting, content creation, the work-from-home world and so on, and it has a price tag to match at $199. Housed in the Tula’s solid metal/plastic case—available in black, red and cream—are cardioid and omnidirectional capsules, Burr Brown op amps, a Texas Instruments audio codec and a custom iteration of Swedish music software company Klevgrand’s Brusfri noise reduction algorithm. The mic connects to computers and devices via a USB-C port on back, and comes packaged with a USB-C to USB-A cable, a built-in (but removable) stand, and a universal threaded mic stand adaptor.

For those who use the Tula as a recorder, there’s 8 GB of internal memory (no SD or MicroSD cards here) which can hold up to 14 hours of recordings captured in .WAV format. When used on its own without a computer, the Tula is powered by a rechargable internal 3.7 V 700 mAh lithium ion battery that can hold enough power to record continuously for 10-12 hours with noise cancelation on, and 14 hours without. The Tula recharges via the USB-C cable, and when plugged into a computer, it appears on the desktop as a USB drive, allowing users to copy audio files to their machine.

The Tula Microphone
The Tula Microphone with its threaded mic stand adaptor (mic stand not included).

Sporting a retro-futuristic look that vaguely recalls the Star Trek communicators of yore, the Tula has a minimalist design that underscores the usually intuitive controls on the mic. Aside from the detachable built-in stand, there are no moving parts on the Tula. All the control buttons run up each side of the mic and are under pressable mesh; notably, there is no screen on the Tula to convey information like settings, gain and so on, so crucial info is instead provided through two LEDs on the front face. Thanks to that minimalism, the mic may have a timeless look but there’s also far fewer parts to potentially break—a crucial factor for a mic that is likely to get tossed in backpacks and the like.

When used strictly as a USB mic, the Tula is pretty straightforward; it gets power from the USB-C cable in the back, but still requires the user to hit the On/Off button to activate it. The Tula defaults to the cardioid capsule, but a short tap of the Mic Select button switches to the Omni, and a long tap activates the Tula’s 3.5 mm lav mic input, which doubles as a headphone jack for playback.

Perhaps the Tula’s strongest selling point is its noise cancellation, because the onboard Klevgrand Brusfri algorithm gets the job done. In testing, I unfairly placed the Tula just six inches from a loud space-heater blasting right at the mic, started talking and hit the NC button halfway through recording. Upon playback, I found the algorithm had ripped that noisy heater out of the recording, leaving my voice very clear and usable, if unsurprisingly missing some low end. Lest that scare you off using the NC button, don’t fret; the Tula automatically records two copies of your audio file—one with noise cancellation and one without—so that you have options come edit time. Still, the noise cancellation is a real problem-solver, if not a miracle worker. It’s not supposed to offer the scalpel-like precision of your favorite audio repair plug-in, but it does an impressive job on the fly of creating more than passable audio in less than ideal circumstances; in those instances, the Tula’s noise cancellation really shines.

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Used as a stand-alone recorder, the Tula is slightly less impressive—it records well, but is somewhat hindered by the device’s sleek minimalism. Most of the buttons’ functions are relatively clear, labeled with familiar universal icons for ‘record,’ ‘stop’ and the like. Confusingly, however, there are two Playback Volume buttons and two Gain Level buttons, and both sets are labeled with identical +/- symbols. That aggravation aside, the Gain Level buttons work well (once you remember which are which); adjusting in 5 dB increments, they affect an LED light on the front that alternately flashes green, yellow and red to help gauge the right level.

In all, the Tula offers a unique sense of style and design for its intended audience of content-creators—a market where, once video comes into play, a mic’s looks can be as important as its sound. The cleverly designed controls can be a little too clever at times, but the surprisingly robust on-board noise cancellation is impressive and will come in handy, especially for users who take the Tula out into the real world. The Tula Mic marks a solid debut for its namesake company.

Tula Mics • www.tulamics.com

Monoprice Launches Stage Right Podcasting Bundle

Monoprice Stage Right Podcasting Bundle
Monoprice Stage Right Podcasting Bundle

Brea, CA (February 4, 2021) — Monoprice has launched an expanded podcasting/streaming bundle centered around its Stage Right microphone. Augmented with an accessories package, the bundle is intended for entry-level use.

The Stage Right Complete Podcasting and Streaming Bundle includes a USB condenser mic, a pair of headphones, a mic stand, and other accessories. The headphones can be plugged into the USB microphone’s headphone jack so users can monitor without the need for additional hardware.

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The headphone volume level can be adjusted independently of the microphone output level using the headphone volume knob on the mic.

The USB condenser microphone itself features a 16-bit/48 kHz sampling rate, and comes with a broadcast-style mic boom, pop filter, mic clip, mount bracket and windscreen.

Monoprice • https://www.monoprice.com

Turtle Beach Acquires Neat Microphones

Various Neat Microphones
Various Neat Microphones

San Diego, CA (January 21, 2021)—Gaming accessory company Turtle Beach Chas acquired Neat Microphones, which produces digital USB and analog microphones.

Neat’s leadership team includes the former founders of Blue Microphones. The acquisition also enables Turtle Beach’s entry into the $2.3 billion global microphone market, which is experiencing rapid growth in the digital/USB accessories segment where Neat is focused. Through this acquisition, Turtle Beach adds nearly 40 Neat patents and nearly 70 Neat trademark registrations to its overall portfolio.

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“We are entering the growing global streaming and microphone market with two significant advantages – the visionary leadership and engineering expertise behind some of the most renowned mics of the past 30-plus years, and Neat’s impressive 2021 product lineup,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “Neat is a great fit with Turtle Beach’s 45-year legacy of audio innovation and expertise, and we’re thrilled to welcome Skipper Wise, Martins Saulespurens, and the rest of the Neat Microphones team to the Turtle Beach family.”

Skipper Wise, president of Neat, added, “We are absolutely thrilled to bring our team’s 100+ combined years of expertise to Turtle Beach to create groundbreaking microphone products. The market is ready for a new, high-quality, easy-to-use portfolio of digital microphones. Neat is the digitally native microphone brand that, with Turtle Beach’s extensive retail relationships and best-in-class global distribution, can bring this innovation to more people all over the world.”

Neat Microphones • www.neatmic.com

Turtle Beach • www.turtlebeach.com

CAD Audio Debuts PodMaster Mic Bundles

CAD PodMaster Bundle

Cleveland, OH (January 21, 2021) –– CAD Audio has introduced a trio of 3 new PodMaster broadcast/podcast mic bundles for the podcast and content creation markets.

Both the PodMaster D USB and the PodMaster SuperD USB bundles are based around CAD’s plug-and-play USB microphones, while the SuperD package is centered around an XLR microphone.

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All three microphones, however, are outfitted with “broadcast-quality dynamic capsules,” with the SuperD varieties receiving an upgraded 35 mm Large Diaphragm broadcast capsule. This premium SuperD capsule supplies VOG performance while delivering a smooth and articulate profile.

The bundles are intended to be studio ready, and as such are supplied with boom mic stands, mounting clips/shock mounts, windscreen and USB cables.

Staying well within the affordability of casual content creators, the bundles have street prices of $69 for the D USB; $79 for the SuperD; and $99 for the SuperD USB.

CAD Audio • www.cadaudio.com

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