The Audio Expert: Everything You Need To Know About Audio — Great Audiophile Gift

Longtime audio expert Ethan Winer says, “I’ve always wanted to write a book about audio, and a few years ago I started making notes about what I would include. As it happens, a major publisher of technical books approached me in early 2011 after seeing my hour-long AES Audio Myths video. So I submitted a proposal for my book, The Audio Expert, which they quickly approved. I worked on the book full-time for ten months, then spent several months more reviewing the page proofs and index. All that work paid off, and the book came out great. Now in its second edition, the book totals 808 pages – it’s a big book! There are also 83 audio examples, 31 demo videos, and five audio-related software programs on the book’s web site. The Audio Expert (paperback ISBN 978-0-415-78884-7) is also available in e-book Formats.”
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