The Future Of Listening


The Future of Listening is an event taking place in London next week by Protein, it’s a look into our listening habits in the digital age:

“As a generation, we are engaging with music in a notably different way than our predecessors. With the rise of digital downloading almost two-thirds of our Protein audience believe that music has become more disposable. The majority prefer to download and stream tracks rather than own anything physically, and some argue that music is listened to more as background noise than through active appreciation.
Recently our Protein Feed has been catching several creative projects that persuade listeners to re-engage with music. From the ‘Listen Carefully‘ headphones which only play music if the listener sits completely still, to the rise of unique physical or analogue releases (see Nicolas Jarr and Kid Koala), and the berth of interactive apps that add additional layers of musical engagement (see Bobby Womack and Brian Eno). Across the board, it seems that labels, musicians and innovators are all evolving the listening experience.
So join us on Tuesday 11th December as we explore these and other projects, and delve into just what this means for the future of music – both creatively and for the industry itself.”
I’ll be amongst the speakers talking about this project, come along if you can.

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