The State Of Independence – Northern Sounds 3 – Choons, Bangor, North Down

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Choons Record Store

For the last three years a record shop called Choons has been trading in the North Down sea side town of Bangor, located in the mall just off High Street. Run by Phil McKee and more recently aided by Ralph Boyd.


I have been aware of Choons for awhile now, but my first visit a few years back didn’t impress. The shop to my mind was poorly laid out and the lack of lighting made it very difficult to see the stock. I will be honest here, this put me off visiting again. Recently I made this comment in passing and the person I made it to told me the shop had changed, and was worth a visit. After talking with that person I felt I was definitely missing out. As I like to give second chances I paid the shop a visit, and indeed Choons 2019 is not the Choons I visited a few years back.


The compact space is much better set out and stock displayed in a much more logical way and my original bug bear lack of lighting has been addressed, stock visibility is much improved. I was there for a few hours and as the natural light ebbed the shop was still well lit.




Choons stocks a varied range of genres, has a just in ‘New Arrivals section’ well done, and sells both collectors items, carefully graded used records, and new releases which are very well priced. There is also a new stock sales section. There are CDs for sale as well, but these are not what Choons is about, vinyl is king here. I love the way things are displayed in this shop, a very clever use of the space is now the story here and there is a lot to look at and browse. There is also a lovely ceiling display of 7in single covers.


As well as selling vinyl records, and CDs, Choons also stocks Tanglewood guitars and ukuleles.

AIHFA069_560x420I got a warm welcome from Ralph Boyd who made me feel at home and was very helpful. He had been helping a customer before I arrived and continued to serve that customer after my arrival, and I was impressed with his gentle, friendly approach, no hard sell, no judgement re music likes, dislikes and Ralph was full of stories re his musical life. I could not help but feel a little envious, hearing him talk about his seeing Hendrix, the Who etc at the Isle of White Festival. Ralph has an excellent knowledge of music which he revealed in a very un showy or arrogant way, unlike some others I have met over my record buying life.


The Choons audio system for playing music in the shop was a very high quality one, with a nice record player and EL 34 based valve amp, not something one sees very often in such stores.




I was impressed with the stock, the pricing, particularly in regards to new release, cheaper than many other stores, and new back catalogue records, 7in/12in singles and box sets.


Outside the store there is series of bargain bins, with cheaper stock, but still interesting items to be found in these. It would be well worth a look in these before going into the shop proper.


Choons will order anything they don’t have in stock, if they can get it, and they also offer gift vouchers. So with Christmas approaching there are plenty of possible gifts available from Choons for the music lover in your life.


So if you are in Bangor, or from further afield Choons is very much worth a visit, a real gem, and I am glad a chance comment I made led to giving Choons a second go. I am delighted to say I recommend Choons to all music lovers.


Well done Phil and Ralph.




Choons Bangor https://www.facebook.com/CHOONSBANGOR/

Opening Hours 11 am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday

Phone 07918 755527

High St Mall – Bangor, County Down


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