Vinyl records deserve special treatment – use the specially designed vinyl record cleaning kit from Chisto instead of unreliable and dangerous DIY recipes.

People’s occasional distrust of online stores is understandable, but why trust strangers and their unproven methods, even if they seem cheaper than buying vinyl record cleaning supplies? If you already own a collection of vinyl records, you need to be ready to take proper care of it too. Let’s look at why spending a little extra on cleaning is worth it.

Why DIY is bad for business and for you

So, if you are reading this article right now, it is safe to assume that 1) you already own a vinyl record collection (congratulations on that) and 2) that you are trying to figure out the most optimal method of cleaning it. Now, let’s be honest here: being an audiophile isn’t cheap, as a lot of money will be spent purchasing a turntable, amps and preamps, the records themselves etc. As soon as audiophiles encounter the issue of having to take care of and clean the vinyl audio treasury, the money factor might push some of them to look up DIY recipes for cleaning records. That thinking is justifiable: after all, why waste even more money on LP record cleaning supplies, if one can theoretically craft his own record cleaning kit at home? Not only that, but even more experienced audiophiles voice their concerns about online stores that sell “snake oil” instead of something actually helpful. Sadly, they do have a point: we have personally seen incredibly ridiculous items for sale that magically get rid of all problems (even though the way they are applied goes against the fundamentals of common sense) and there’s no way of checking the product before ordering it. This fuels suspicions and skepticism that hurts not only legitimate brands that sell products that actually work, but also the audiophiles themselves, since they start believing in the effectiveness of DIY recipes more, even though statistically far more of them are the real “snake oil” in terms of getting the job done.

From the point of view of an average consumer, it seems far more appealing to listen to “experts” on YouTube and other platforms revealing their “secret recipes” that don’t require any purchases from online stores, than listen to another corporate stooge trying to sell his stuff. Even the phrase “secret recipe” seems very inclusive, as if you’re being told something only true audio aficionados know. Alas, it is our duty to give you a wake-up call and dispel the “DIY myth”.

Why DIY doesn’t really work

Here is the deal: even if a trusted source shared a method with you and it actually truly helped that person, there is absolutely no guarantee it will help you and your particular situation. See, cleaning vinyl records is an area of many nuances: you have to take into consideration their age, material (vinyl or shellac), size, place of storage etc. These details might sound miniscule to you, but discounting them can absolutely ruin your record if you choose to try your DIY method. Even if it works (which rarely happens), there’s a strong chance of leaving visible stains, scratching the record (if you use DIY recipes, it would only make sense for you to use cleaning cloths that are far from being in perfect condition) and causing damage that might not be visible (like remnants of residue left in the grooves). This is why any legitimate record cleaning kit is always a worthwhile investment as it will pay off in the long run, unlike DIY.

What you can use instead of DIY

The reason we know all this is that we are far too familiar with the aforementioned consequences of trusting DIY methods, which is what led us in our pursuit of creating the ultimate vinyl record cleaning kit in the first place. The accumulated experience of audiophiles from all corners of the world combined with our extensive research and testing produced the Easy Groove line of vinyl record care products, which is what we encourage you to use instead of having to deal with the consequences of trusting random strangers on the internet without any background. Our record cleaning liquids combined with polishing cloths and a duster of premium quality will cover all of your vinyl enthusiast needs: surface cleaning, deep cleaning, static dissipation, disinfecting and antibacterial qualities and last, but certainly not least, all of our products making up our vinyl record care kit are absolutely safe and will never cause any harm to your records. All of the above is confirmed by seasoned veterans of the audiophile community and, of course, by thousands of hours we’ve spent testing and making sure that your efforts of directing that little bit of extra money towards keeping your record library clean and preserving its sound for years to come is always worth it.

So, if you’re tired of “snake oil” sold by untrustworthy vendors and ridiculous DIY recipes, if you’re looking for a vinyl record cleaning kit that will have only the best vinyl record cleaning supplies, then Chisto is the perfect place for you.

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