Zesto Leto Ultra Preamplifier, Bia 12 Stereo Power Amplifier, and Andros 1.2 Phono Stage, Vimberg Mino Speakers, Merrill Williams REAL 101.3 Turntable, Tri-Planar Tonearm, Benz Micro Gullwing SLR MC Cartridge, Cardas Clear Beyond Cables

Zesto Audio presented the third generation of its Leto preamplifier: an Ultra version that offers a slew of new features, from upgraded all-analog circuit topology and a new 12DW7 tube configuration to the addition of three gain options (3dB, 6dB, 9dB) that can be saved for different input sources. Full remote control capabilities have also been added for on-the-fly adjustments of input, volume, gain, mono, and muting.
Wed, 02/12/2020

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