Chisto Easy Groove Review

We just received a review from Danon Han Hong Den, a Malaysian audio hi-end influential reviewer. Danon transcendentally noticed CHISTO’s hidden aim : not only clean but not to harm a record.

“Chisto Easy Groove has two types: the immediate Spray and Wipe, and the Concentrate. The immediate Spray and Wipe is to be used as the name suggest. I tried it on a number of new sealed and used LPs, I found that it immediately gave a clarity and improved detail over all presentation. You will and can hear the effect.

As for the Concentrate version, I tried it against the other liquids in hand, The Disc Doctor and MintLP, I prefer the Chisto. The Chisto does not leave a shine on the LP as the Disc Doctor will. The MintLP tends to make the cleaned LP to sound a bit veiled (to my taste). The Chisto is able to bring out more clarity and detail out than the abovementioned liquids. I can hear inner detail being brought out to light. The dynamic slam is more taut and faster.
Of course, I realized the Chisto Liquids do not bring out what is not there in the grooves but they made me realized how much I have missed without them…enjoy”

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