HumminGuru Ultrasonic vinyl cleaner mini assessment

HumminGuru Ultrasonic vinyl cleaner mini assessment

This is a mini assessment of the HumminGuru ultrasonic cleaner for vinyl records. The following process was used for cleansing. 5 minutes of ultrasonic utilizing alkaline water (≈pH 10) adopted by 2 minutes ultrasonic in demineralised water and 5 minutes of drying cycle. Both options contained 2 drops/400 mL of the HumminGurus “The Small Bottle”.

I made some preliminary checks with an ABBA document that was purchased used and my preliminary impression was that some noise in addition to clicks and pops had been lowered. There was additionally an obvious improve in readability and element. To proceed measure any results I seemed up a document which I as soon as “destroyed” by both moist play or some unusual cleansing recipe. It is a document with classical music and likewise very lengthy (35 minutes on facet A), and has horrible clicks and pops. I attempted cleansing that document method again however to no luck.

As methodology I used click on restore to quantify the variety of pops and clicks on the document, left and proper channel for the entire 35 minutes play. As seen within the desk, I made three cleansing cycles and recorded the LP between the cycles. There is a discount within the variety of pops and ticks with every cleansing cycle, nevertheless it appears to require many cycles with these options make important outcomes.

Before clear (L and R channel) Clean cycle 1 Clean cycle 2 Clean cycle 3
895076 754480 671956 612632
1075992 821328 748792 695604

Now the variety of clicks just isn’t all the time telling what is occurring. Most clicks acquired lowered in degree and was nonetheless detected.

As a second instance I took a used Dire Straits document. This one had been additionally crackly and and microscopic inspection revealed some unusual dust scattered on the document. The first cleansing cycle result in that the answer acquired actually cloudy after wash and I needed to substitute it. After the second cycle, there was a lower within the high-level clicks and pops:

Strangely, nonetheless, the variety of clicks and pops elevated from 33540/20732 to 43620/33332. On additional inspection, the noise flooring had decreased considerably and the software program discovered much more smaller clicks and pops. The unusual dust remained (between grooves) and doubtless want a spherical of my handbook “Phiilips Sonicare toothbrush” cleansing process (which is kind of laborious).

Another consequence was that the frequency response differed considerably after clear with a 0.5-1 dB improve in degree above 8 kHz. Below a magnification from MasVis, left channel used earlier than (blue) and after cleansing (crimson):

In conclusion. The HumminGuru works to wash records, however it might additionally require a number of rounds of cleansing for cussed records, or it might want extra pre-clean strategies. It is nonetheless very good to make use of with its automated cleansing and drying features.



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