Play audio (mp3) on mumble when an occasion occurs

Play audio (mp3) on mumble when an occasion occurs


I’ve a mumble server operating to make use of for numerous issues together with an intercom spherical the home. I wished to play a sound (mp3) when occasions occur, that means I get an audible alert from my cellphone when e.g. somebody triggers the PIR by the entrance door.

Create an automation to place a message on an MQTT queue after which go away this script operating to hear for the message and name the mp3 file with that payload identify to play it on the mumble consumer.

The script is a fast hack, it might in all probability be tidier, improved and many others. If anybody has a greater means (possibly flip it into an add-on so its all in HA?) then I’d like to know.

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March 14, 2024 at 02:42PM

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