Tracking Angle Exclusive: First Look at KLAUDiO’s Magnezar Turntable.

Tracking Angle Exclusive: First Look at KLAUDiO’s Magnezar Turntable.

contributing author Michael Trochalakis spent a month with the primary manufacturing mannequin of KLAUDiO’s new Magnezar.

Peter Cheon based KLAUDiO roughly 15 years in the past, beginning as a DIY interest. In addition to the now well-known KLAUDiO Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine KD-CLN-LP200T (having bought into the 1000’s) and pivoted tangential tonearm, Cheon has additionally designed and constructed tube amplifiers (utilizing esoteric broadcast transmitter tubes), tube preamplifiers, tube phono preamplifiers, shifting coil step up transformers, headshells, digital show degree meters, audio interconnect cables, and aluminum take up reels.  During the primary 5 years, Cheon constructed tube amplifiers. He adopted up with tube preamplifiers, the ultrasonic file cleansing machine, the pivoted tangential tonearm, and eventually, a direct drive, magnetically levitated, auto clamping turntable.

The prototype of the Magnezar turntable was showcased in July 2023 on the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle, Washington. Peter started growing this turntable roughly 4 years in the past. When requested what impressed him to design a turntable, he talked about the problem in designing a quiet direct drive motor.

Cheon states that the direct drive motor sourced for the Magnezar is primarily utilized in robotics. The motor has forty-five poles, and might produce ½ horsepower at 1,800rpm, however runs a lot decrease for driving the turntable’s platter. The motor design was created in home by Cheon himself, who has {an electrical} engineering background. Prior to beginning Koolance, KLAUDiO’s mother or father firm which focuses on water cooling options for industrial purposes (equivalent to computer systems, medical tools, theater projectors), Cheon spent roughly ten years designing motor management mechanisms for factories.

The Magnezar’s platter, which weighs 44 lbs., is completely magnetically levitated, even when the turntable will not be in operation. The levitation is applied utilizing opposing neodymium magnets. There is a 3-5 mm clearance between the bottom of the turntable and the levitated platter. The sub platter, which is encased with blue water, weighs roughly 3 lbs., and sits inside the principle platter. Cheon states that when the turntable is in operation, the water within the sub platter creates a centrifugal drive across the circumference of the platter that helps scale back wow and flutter. Cheon noticed a measured enchancment of 0.01% in wow and futter when water was added to the sub platter.

The turntable’s automated clamping system consists of two components: a spindle and a periphery clamp. The spindle clamp is spring managed. Inside the platter are two motorized actuators which management the automated outer periphery clamping system. The two clamp pressures measure roughly 3 and 10lbs, respectively. When the clamping system prompts, the decrease platter circumference shows a heat white glow. Cheon has a patent pending for this clamping system.

The turntable can accommodate two tonearms, with each mounting bases that includes connections to permit activation of the automated clamping system when the tonearm is engaged in the direction of the platter.

The Magnezar operates at three speeds:  33 1/3, 45, and 78.26 rpm. The platter ramps in control and locks in inside roughly 4 seconds. Stopping of the platter is completed by digital braking.

Traditional platters depend on a mechanical thrust bearing and thrust pad. Thanks to the turntable’s magnetic levitation, this isn’t needed, and mechanical transmission of motor noise to the platter is eradicated, making for an extremely quiet listening expertise.

The Magnezar was evaluated with Cheon’s pivoted tangential tonearm (KD-ARM-AP12), which has been obtainable for roughly 5 years. Cartridge swapping may be very fast and straightforward with this tonearm because it makes use of an SME connection for the top shell. Overhang is adjusted with a sliding ‘sled’ on the base of the tone arm. A inexperienced laser gives a straight line perpendicular to the stylus for alter overhang. The tonearm has beforehand been reviewed, so the main focus of this report was on the turntable.

Peter Cheon of KLAUDiO showcasing the Magnezar

On February third, Cheon showcased the primary manufacturing turntable at a listening occasion for the Pacific Northwest Audio Society. Approximately forty members of the society had been in attendance. Due to the turntable’s potential to play 78 rpm records, they had been additionally performed on the listening occasion together with LP’s.

The Magnezar is accessible by direct gross sales from KLAUDiO at a price of $60,000. Mr. Cheon invitations potential patrons to his Koolance/KLAUDiO places of work close to Seattle for the aim of listening to the turntable in individual.



Drive Method: Direct Drive

Braking Type: Electronic Magnetic Bearing

Motor Torque: 2 Nm/sec

Speeds: 33.33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78.26 RPM

Speed Accuracy: ~0.001% RPM

Wow and Flutter: 0.06% max

Platter Weight: 44 lb (20 kg)

Outer Clamp Pressure Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)

Inner Clamp Pressure Weight: 3 lb (1.3 kg)

Manufacturer Information


2840 West Valley Hwy N, Ste 101

Auburn, WA 98001

gross [email protected]


(253) 249-7813

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