Issue 119

Issue 119

Cover Story

Digital and Analog parity:
The Tambaqui DAC and Lupe Phono from Mola-Mola


Old School: Going down the Revox Rabbit Hole
by Jeff Dorgay

1095: Vera-Fi’s superior Vera Link. Now you will have sound wherever!

The Audiophile Apartment: The REL Classic 98 subwoofer

Journeyman Audiophile: Tannoy Autograph Mini audio system

Headphone Arts:  FOCALS newest Bathys telephones with a shock

Shanon Says: Our Canadian connection lets us know what she’s listening to

Mine: It Should Be Yours

Future Tense: Gear in our speedy future


YG’s Hailey 3 Speakers – the primary of an all new breed
Black Ravioli Record Ground – It’s not a clamp!
The Enleum AMP-23R – Massive sound, minimal footprint
Totem Solution Sub – When you assume you don’t have room for a sub
Naim CD5si – A worthy disc participant


Playlists:  We share our readers selections from all over the world
Merch Table:  ZZ Top. Awwww!!
Jim on Jazz

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