Nexxus Audio Technologies

Nexxus Audio Technologies

Nexus Audio Technologies’ Walter Schofield offered a rig consisting of the VPI Avenger Direct turntable with Fatboy tonearm ($36,000), VPI Shyla cartridge ($2500), and Primare R35 MM/MC phono preamp ($2000); the 432 EVO Master Music Server with Roon core endpoint ($18,000); the Primare PRE35 Prisma DM36 streaming preamplifier that includes the brand new DM36 superior DAC module with MQA processing ($5250); and two Primare A35.2 stereo amplifiers ($3900 every) bridged to mono. Walter additionally offered the Stenheim Alumine Two.5 Loudspeakers ($23,500/pair) of their North American debut, a full loom of interconnects, energy cables, and speaker wire by Anticables, and a Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf audio rack ($250).

Once I settled into my listening seat, there was no denying the low noise flooring, musical purity, and engrossing soundstage of this mighty rig. Yuko Mabuchi’s piano trio album streamed by way of the room, sounding tremendous spatial, easy, dynamic, and pure. The audio system disappeared. Piano had weight and tone, and I might virtually see the drummer’s fingers as he stroked the drumheads, evincing a wholly completely different sound from sticks on heads. Revelatory!

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November 17, 2023 at 08:06PM

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