The Audiophile’s Project Sourcebook — Great Audiophile Gift

You love music, and you love hi-fi electronics. Do you also love to read schematics and sniff solder fumes? Are you bi-amplifier curious? If so then step right up as The Audiophile’s Project Sourcebook ($35.76) is a clear, concise instructions book that is well-illustrated. With a bit of this part and that tool, the included schematics and instructions provided within this book allow audio enthusiasts to build high-quality, high-power electronic audio components and testing equipment. The author gives easily comprehensible explanations of the electronics at work, as well as a practical foundation needed for experimentation and modification of existing voltage amplifiers, balanced input driver/receiver circuits, graphic equalizers, and effects circuits. Go ahead and start building audio projects that produce great sound for less than they cost in the store.
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