Treehaus Audiolab

Treehaus Audiolab

Can you decide an exhibitor’s merchandise by the music he performs? Perhaps not, however once I stroll right into a room enjoying "Hotel California,"" that mad percussion ditty "Music for Bang, Baa-Room and Harp," 90s grunge (footnote 1), or God No! Jazz on the Pawnshop, it is all I can do to remain put and never scream.

Treehaus Audiolab’s Richard Pinto has the great style to not play absolute drek and the astute internal vibrations to play music that sounds good, is well-recorded, attention-grabbing, and considerate. I heard Fleet Foxes from the hallway. As I entered Pinto’s room, he continued with St. Vincent’s wonderful “Pills.” He entertained my request for Father John Misty.

Pinto makes his full system, together with the gorgeous Phantom of Luxury Field Coil Loudspeakers ($29,000/pair), which make use of Atelier Rullit 10" full-range field-coil drivers, 15" Acoustic Elegance woofers, and Fostex T900A Super Tweeters. The remainder of the system was the Treehaus Audiolab Preamplifier ($16,000), 300B Amplifier ($17,500), and Moving Coil SUT ($3000). Treehaus merchandise make the most of top-level inside elements resembling Finemet interstage and output transformers, Western Electric 300B energy tubes, and Elma switches.

A Meitner MA3 DAC performed digits, a Microseiki BL91 spun records, a Fidelity Research FR64S tonearm deployed a Hana Umami Red MC cart, and a Ken Tanaka LCR did phono-stage duties. Iconoclast silver-plated TPC Generation 2 speaker cables, silver plated TPC Generation 1 speaker cables, UPOCC RCA interconnects, and BAV energy cables wired up the works. Purifi Class D woofer amplifiers, MiniDSP Active Crossover/EQ for Woofers, and a PS Audio P3 energy conditioner accomplished setup.

1 While not a lot of it’s demo-quality, I’d most likely regard some ’90s grunge as a welcome aid from typical audiophile fare.-Jim Austin

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