Use Chisto’s Easy Groove products for safe and effective LP album care

After years of testing and development, Chisto’s Easy Groove line is the best in LP album care, approved by audiophiles all over the planet. Trust Chisto – that means never worrying about your records condition and using the best solution for LP album care you’ll find n the market.

Why proper LP album care is necessary

If you have any number of vinyl records in your posession, chances are, you’ve probably tried to listen to them. And, if our experience is any indication, there’s also a pretty good chance that you didn’t like what you heard; not so much because of the music itself, but rather due to the quality of the sound produced. If you aren’t an audiophile, then we’re about to guide you through the reasons of such bad sound and how to fix it in order to enjoy the tunes on the LP to their fullest.

See, unless you’re a total vinyl devotee like us here at Chisto or many other audiophiles all over the world, then you’ve probably received vinyl records through inheritance or just found them while digging through old junk. This means that a good number (if not all) of the records that you’ve found/inherited are quite old by now, and the probability of them having never received proper care is quite high. How does that influence sound quality? Let us explain.

Given how old the technology of pressing vinyl is, it should come as no surprise that LP records are quite sensitive. Vinyl tends to deteriorate quite quickly (especially compared to CDs), and any dirt or other substances that find their way into the grooves of an LP don’t help the condition of the record either. The more dirt is accumulated and the longer it’s allowed to stay, the harder it becomes to remove. This creates problems when you attempt to play the LP in question on the turntable, as the needle will inevitably run into the hardened dirt; as a result, these collisions will obviously hinder the performance of your turntable, which, in turn, leads to far worse sound.

Interestingly, this problem isn’t exclusive to old records. Brand new records can sound sort of “dim” and “muffled” (that’s why audiophiles believe that you need to play new records several dozen times before you hear what they actually sound like – they have to “break in”). That can happen if the LP is covered in excessive amounts of MRA – a special substance used in the pressing process. MRA can also affect the needle’s path through the grooves of an LP, as well as attract a lot of dust.

So how do we solve these problems? Obviously, we’ll have to clean the records. However, simply washing them with whatever you have in your house won’t work: again, records are sensitive, and a lot of household cleaning products can harm the LP or leave residue, which will attract even more dust. Therefore, specialized LP album care products are required.

Searching for LP album care products

The search is where the main trap lies. Looking for actually helpful LP album care products can be an arduous and frustrating process, as it’s often hard to tell what any given product even does, or how it is different from the others. This is where we at Chisto offer you the opportunity to bypass the needless struggle and get the best LP album care solutions in one place.

For several years, Chisto has worked on and perfected a line of solutions for LP album care, making sure it excels in both safety and efficacy. Having taken everything that was previously established in this article into consideration, we’ve eventually discovered the chemical formula that is perfect for cleaning your LPs. This formula will not only remove any foreign substances from the record (including MRA), but it will also prevent electrostatic build-up, which is crucial for achieving the perfect vinyl sound. Of course, we’ve also made sure that our solutions never leave any residue, thus preventing further dirt accumulation.

Choosing Chisto as your go-to solutions for LP album care will make your life a lot easier, as the items from our Easy Groove line target practically all issues that you’ll encounter while taking care of your LP collection. So make full use of all the advantages that Chisto provides and never worry about LP album care again!

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